Where and how we get involved:

Where we get involved

Because we are active investors we almost always get involved in situations where there is a requirement for a step change or the introduction of additional skill sets. We have worked with founding entrepreneurs who have built great businesses but find themselves trapped as the sole point of decision making and need to introduce stronger second tier management and new skills prior to exit. We have acquired non core divisions from holding companies where there is a need for turnaround activity and a conventional sale to a trade buyer is not available. The common theme is that a step change is required if the shareholders are to obtain maximum value for their investment.

Our case studies demonstrate our track-record in getting involved and playing a significant contribution to profit growth either through the sales growth driven by improved marketing and sales activity or cost reduction.

How we get involved

Beaumont provide both cash and expertise; actively joining and supporting the management team to ensure optimum performance, profits and a timely exit. We can only work in situations where our interests and those of the shareholders are well aligned and thus the initial assessment of the situation is crucial. After an informal first phase where everyone builds confidence and trust we run through a quick and disciplined process using a set of analysis and business planning tools which allow all parties to agree on a clear action plan. Understanding the economic drivers of people businesses is central to our planning activity; thus we ensure that all parties to any change fully understand the profit motive.

Depending upon the situation, the business plan either then drives the funds raising work and / or the change plan for the business. Through the change plan and the next 3 to 4 years, Beaumont remain a vital, integral component to our investment businesses, coaching and developing staff through successive planning and development phases.

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Track Records

  • Dataforce & iForce

    In 1997 working with 2 colleagues Andrew Johnson founded the Dataforce and IForce Groups through the acquisition of two traditional direct marketing companies. More...

  • Charrington Fuel Oils

    Andrew Johnson was appointed as Chief Executive of this oil distribution business with a brief to shake up an operation that had failed to deliver. More...

  • Case Communications

    Dan Morgan and founded the SMT partnership with 2 other partners and built it into a leading strategy and performance improvement consultancy specialising in the provision of business and competitive intelligence. More...