Concep is a distributed email marketing platform built to serve the needs of the legal and professional services industries in London, Sydney, and New York.


We provided investment to Concep and supported the founder and senior leadership team with planning, advice, and mentoring. When the founder decided to move on, Beaumont took on leadership of the business.


After assuming leadership, we led an MBO-style buyout from all external shareholders, while the founder maintained equity participation.


Some of the key strategic changes we made to the business were to divest the agency services Concep had been providing to client and to bring leadership services back to London from the satellite offices.


Operational changes followed, with a renewed focus on delighting our core userbase which saw churn drop from 12% to negligible levels within months. On top of that, the demand gen and sales processes were revamped and restaffed.


Concep was sold to Litera, backed by Hg Capital, 3 years after the MBO, returning considerable gains to all participating shareholders.



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