IMU is a discovery engine mapping the immune system in unprecedented detail and scale to deliver unique, systems level immune insights thus supporting the development of advanced personalised medicine


Beaumont provided seed finance on day one, backing a management team with deep industry expertise. We’ve subsequently participated in follow-up rounds, working with sector-specialist investors.


The business was originally focused on building a comprehensive B2C blood testing  network across Europe. The business pivoted in 2021 when the team joined forces with a specialist team of immunologists from Guy’s Hospital. The Guy’s team had been studying the varied response of the immune system to COVID-19 and were beginning to see the impact access to large immunology data sets might have on areas such as Cell Therapy.


In the last 18 months the team have built a massive immune database from biobank and population data allowing the identification of immune signatures relating to disease treatment and response. This work is powered by innovative ML analytics and processing of real-time cell classification.


Beaumont have provided support and insights on marketing technology and data management, as well as broad support on general management, to allow the IMU team to drive the business forward.



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