Lumar is a website intelligence platform that allows enterprise clients with complex high value websites to monitor, analyse, benchmark and protect site performance thus allowing them to maximise ROI. Their world leading core crawling tech supports a range of apps that are use by hundreds of enterprise businesses.


Lumar’s success has been founded on a classic SaaS business model. We invested in Lumar when they were a 12-person squad working out of shared offices in London and focused on the SEO market


Over the past 6 years, we’ve helped them grow to a team of over 100 people based in London, New York and Krakow.


We provided initial Angel funding for Lumar and supported series A and B funding rounds. In 2019 they “flipped” to being a US corporation.


To enable the Lumar leadership to focus on accelerating growth in an increasingly competitive area, we worked with the team on recruitment of senior professional management, the establishment of a disciplined finance function and we advised on the complex legal transactions associated with multiple funding rounds.


With Beaumont’s support, Lumar has become a thriving, multi-million dollar-valued business that leads their category, working for global brands including Adobe, eBay and Deloitte.



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